This says it all!

It’s the last day of Black History Month — but when you see these inspiring photos you know the best is yet to come!

Because of them photo

Kudos to Eunique Jones Photography for their work. Check them out

Because of them Spike

Stay tuned — we’ll be discussing exciting new initiatives designed to engage African-American children in S.T.E.M.!


When Black History makes you go —mmm …mmm…good!

Did you realize that a great time to discuss black inventors is when you’re in the kitchen with the kids –baking cookies (peanut butter cookies — of course!). George Washington Carver was one of the great black inventors. He did things with peanuts — that most of us would never imagine! Next time you’re in the kitchen with the kids – have fun with peanut butter recipes — and have a conversation about black inventors.

kid eating cookie

This is just one of several fun activities offered by SHEKNOWS to celebrate Black History Month this February. Loved it!

What can you add to the FUN THINGS TO DO TO CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY LIST? Leave a comment below.

Who’s getting kids excited about Black History???

It seems the only time we talk publicly about the contributions of African-Americans is during Black History Month.  My concern is

are we engaging children in the conversation?

I recently discovered a fun and exciting way to do just that! It’s called the Black Inventors Showcase. It’s a traveling exhibit that showcases over 100 inventors  —  that every child should know about.  Why?  The work of these inventors will inspire young people to broaden their career interests by focusing their potential to achieve in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics  (STEM — our favorite topic of discussion).

Yes – you can help make Black History Month exciting for kids! How? Consider bringing the Black Investors Showcase to your community .

Be impressed! Only 7 years old – she created a mobile video game!

When given the resources and the opportunity our children will do great things! Case in point — 7-year-old Zora Ball.  Kudo’s to Harambee Institute of Science and Technology for the work they’re doing.

Youngest person to develop a mobile app

Youngest person to develop a mobile app

There are still doubters out there who don’t believe  African-American children can master STEM.   Initially the judges questioned whether Zora created the app on her own! She showed them! That’s what we must do also! Let’s support and  advocate for more STEM schools and after-school programs in our communities. These are the type of investments that will produce great returns for our community — like Zora!