If you don’t know about ‘STEM’ … you don’t know jack!

The jobs of the future will go to children who have a STEM education!

The lack of STEM proficiency is a crisis in the U.S! Our students finished 25th in math and 17th in science in the ranking of 31 countries – according to the Organization for Economic Coordination and Development (OECD).

Are you getting your child or students ready?  There are several exciting initiatives underway to get ‘all’ of American’s children engaged.  Check out what President Obama has already put into play!

Just for the record, are you really on top of what’s happening in the new technology world our kids live in? Take the poll (be honest)?


Hello parents and educators … welcome to the new ‘technology world’ our kids live in!

Let’s get the conversation started.  I created this blog to explore innovative ideas and share new resources that can help African-American children reach their full potential.  We’re a technology-based company (developing apps for children is what we do).  Consequently, we’ll be discussing how technology impacts our kids.

Just for the record; I’m not a techie!  My passion is the creative aspects of developing apps for kids.  I like to let the  ‘inner-child’ come out to play!   But we all must acknowledge that technology is a big part of everyone’s life. Kids today know more about technology than their parents do!  Technology is powerful … it’s not just for fun and games.  Let’s start dialoguing about how our kids can use these new tools to succeed in this new ‘tech’  world.   Looking forward to dialoguing with you!